High quality wood products

We have the satisfaction of being able to offer a better product every day to both domestic and foreign customers.

Our available wood products

Solid wook flooring

In MSM we have been producing solid floors for more than 3 decades with the latest technological resources in the drying, machining and control of products…

Multilayer wood flooring

SmartParket® product that stands out for its durability, resistance, quick handling and cleanliness in its use….

Synthetic laminate flooring

Quality, range, design and comfort come together to offer a new range of SmartParkett® laminate flooring, designed to provide an effective solution for any environment….

Beams and structural timber

SmartCover®, structural timbers, beams, pontoons, purlins, solid wood – tropical and hardwood (Elondo, Iroko, Chestnut, Pine), glulam…

Sawn timber

We import timber from all latitudes and origins of the world, and in our own sawing and drying facilities…

Vinyl flooring

Durable, versatile and highly resistant to wear and tear and humidity…

Composite-WPC decking

Outdoor flooring of excellent design and waterproof…

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